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Vincenzo Coronelli


Coronelli Vincenzo Maria , an Italian geographer and draughtsman, was born at Venice about 1650. Minorite friar at San Nicolo della Lattuga, Venice (1665-1671), later at Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari (1671-1674); Doctor of theology at Collegium Santo Bonaventura, Rome 1673.

From 1681-1683 he worked in Paris on a pair of 3.85 meter diameter globes for Louis 14, which are now in the National Library in Paris. On his return to Venice he was made cosmographer of the Republic, and founded the Academy of Argonauts. In 1702 he became general of his order. He died at Venice in 1718.

Among other works he published

Morea , Negroponte & Adiacenze 1686
Ritratti de celebri Personaggi 1697;
Lo Specchio del Mare, 1698;
Atlante Veneto, 1691-1696;
Roma antico-moderna, 1716;
Singolarita di Venezia


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    Morea , Negroponte & Adiacenze

    Memorie istoriografiche delli regni della Morea e Negroponte e luoghi adiacenti.

    1686, Venezia, language: Italian