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Cornelis de Bruijn

1652 - 1726(?)

Dutch painter and traveller.

De Bruijn conducted journey in 1677 to the Near East, visiting Turkey, several Greek islands, Egypt, Palestine, Syria and Cyprus.

In 1701 De Bruijn embarked on his second journey. From The Netherlands he sailed to Russia and continued his journey by going to Persia and later to the Dutch Indies. In 1708 De Bruijn returned to The Hague.

Published works:

1698 - "Reizen van Cornelis de Bruyn, door de Vermaardste Deelen van Klein Asia...." (Dutch)

1700 - French translation - "Voyages au Levant"

1702 - English translation - "A Voyage to the Levant: or Travels in the Principal Parts of Asia Minor"

1711 - "Reizen over Moskovie, door Perzie en Indie" (Dutch)

1718 - French translation -"Voyages de Corneille le Brun par la Moscovie, en Perse, et aux Indes Orientales"

1737 - English translation - "Travels into Muscovy, Persia and parts of the East-Indies"

Travels into Muscovy, Persia and parts of the East-Indies

London, 1737