Kings Palace
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Kings Palace :

situated along one of the two main streets of the island, it existed since the merovingian kings. We can also see on the map the magnificent Sainte-Chapelle, built under the reign of king Louis IX (saint Louis, 1226-1270). It is one of the most exquisite chef duvre of late gothic art, with its gorgeous stainglasses and delicate sculptures. Nowadays the chapel is included in the Palais de Justice. The south of the island was occupied by gardens.

Part of Braun and Hogenberg map of Paris from Civitates Orbis Terrarum I -7 published in 1572.

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Sebastian Munster, 1550

Part of Sebastian Munster map of Paris from Cosmographiae Universalis 88-89 published in 1550. See this map

Plan de Bale, circa 1552

The Kings Palace as depicted in the map made by Turschet and Hoyau, circa 1552. This map is also known as the Plan de Bâle.

This map fragment is used with permission of The Paris Pages

d'Anville, 1630

Part of 1630 map of Paris,
from Gallica - La Bibliotheque Nationale de France (French)

d'Anville, 1705

Part of Septieme plan of Paris, 1705
from Gallica - La Bibliotheque Nationale de France (French)

Nouvelle description de la ville de Paris, 1725

Part of Nouvelle description de la ville de Paris 1725
from Kyoto University Library (Japanese)

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