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facts in brief

Part of Braun and Hogenberg I-A map
Part of Braun and Hogenberg I-A map

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  • Old maps of London from the Genmaps website:

    - John Rocque's Map of London, 1746

  • Maps and plans of London
    from COLLAGE - 'Corporation of London Library & Art Gallery
    Electronic', Guildhall Library and Guildhall Art Gallery London.

  • Medieval London
    Adapted from Muir's Historical Atlas, The Internet Medieval Sourcebook
    in Fordham University Center for Medieval Studies.

  • London after the fire of 1666
    A Plan of the City and Liberties of London after the Dreadful Conflagration
    in the Year 1666, date, maker and place of origin unknown.
    The Yale Map Collection: European Cities

  • London to Hith, 1670, John Ogilby
    From Henry Davis Consulting Inc. collection

  • From the website of Biblioteca Nationale Marciana:
  • Map of London Water Works, 1856
    Mylne, Robert W. Map of the Contours of London and Its Environs, showing
    the Districts and Areas supplied by the Nine Metropolitan Water Companies,
    Published for the Author by Edward Stanford, Charing Cross, London.
    Engraved and Printed from Stone by Waterlow and Sons, 1856, prepared by
    Ralph R.Frerichs, Department of Epidemiology at the UCLA School of
    Public Health

  • The map of London in 1859
    John Snow 's map, prepared by Ralph R. Frerichs,
    Department of Epidemiology at the UCLA School of Public Health.

  • London Poverty in 1898-99
    Charles Booth Poverty Map & Modern map, London School of Economics

Facts in brief:

Longtime seat of British Empire; burned & rebuilt several times, notably in revolt of Queen Boudicca AD 60 & Great Fire 1666; became large trade center in Middle Ages; expanded rapidly 16th-17th cen. & in Industrial Revolution; heavily bombed in WW II.

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