HISTORIC CITIES About this site

This site is a joint project of the Historic Cities Center of the Department of Geography, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Jewish National and University Library. The project was made possible by a generous grant of the Council for Higher Education in Israel - Planning & Budgeting committee (VATAT).

The site is intended to contain maps, literature, documents, books and other relevant material concerning the past, present and future of historic cities and to facilitate the location of similar content on the web.

We would like the site to be a meeting place for the lovers of historic cities and to function as a virtual archive, which will constantly develop and grow. The content will be loaded gradually: first we will load several hundreds of high quality city maps which we scanned, and brief documented histories of some of the most important cities.

HISTORIC CITIES Where do you fit in?

The task is immense: every historic city is unique, many cities were mapped time and again, and there are thousands of relevant historical documents.

There is no way to accomplish such a task without your help. We are looking, therefore, for the collaboration of scholars and amateur and local historians who will share part of their knowledge with the public, either directly, exposing their own web-sites, or indirectly, using our services.

Did you scan material for your students? Do you collect old maps of your city? Would you like to recommend translated historical documents and descriptions concerning the history of your city, which you think are important for all of us? Would you like to recommend links which might be of interest to our site?

Please let us know. We will check and add your material to our site for the benefit of us all, accrediting you for the work you did. The scanned material is free and accessible. You are expected, however, to accredit the site and not to print or sell any material thereof.


Prof. Ronnie Ellenblum,

    Associate Professor in Geography, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem academic head of the Historic Cities Research Center and the Historic Cities web site. Medievalist, cultural geographer and the Head of the Vadum Iacob Research project

Dr. Mitia Frumin,

    webmaster and technical director of the Historic Cities Site. Ph.D in Atmospheric Sciences, specialist in GIS, broad minded and a lover of historic cities.

Orly Simon,

    Head of Information Technology at the Jewish National and University Library.

Ayelet Rubin,

    acting head of the Laor Collection, the Jewish National and University Library.

Shoshana Klein,

    former head of the Laor Collection, the Jewish National and University Library.

Israel Weisser,

    master photographer, the Jewish National and University Library.

Navi Katzman,

    a talented web designer and a specialist in handling photos.

Masha Halevi,

    co-webmaster and co-director of the Jerusalem Web Archives [a joint project of the Israeli Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Palestinian al-Quds University] a graduate student who specializes in the history of Christianity in Jerusalem.

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